Homemade MSP430 Launchpads

When I ordered some NRF24L01+ boosterpacks from the 43oh store, I asked for a couple of MSP430 Launchpad v1.4 PCBs. These are legacy boards kindly provided by TI (thanks LariSan!) It was fiddly soldering to the tiny 0402 pads since my components were all 0805. The LEDs were especially tricky. But they both turned out OK as you can see. Here they are (alongside a genuine Launchpad on the left) running the breathing LED demo from the OSX Launchpad toolchain.


bluehash said...

Well done!

Tom said...

Thanks for distributing the PCBs through the 43oh store Bluehash. :)

Jay Will said...

Awesome. Thanks for the PCBs from 43oh. I've been working with the MSP430 launchpad for a couple of weeks. Seems like they're more expensive now, but it is still a great deal. Found a nice msp430 tutorial too you might like.

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