Proto Cape For BeagleBone

This add-on board for the BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black allows easy prototyping using through-hole components. More than 300 sold on Tindie!


Hacked Wall Clock (after Lord Vetinari)

This clock ticks erratically but still keeps accurate time. Its mechanism has been replaced by a programmable chip that emits 64 randomly spaced ticks every 64 seconds.


February Swag Bag: Noritake VFD

Noritake recently offered samples of these impressively bright 16 x 122 pixel graphical vacuum fluorescent displays. Their GU7000 Arduino library is easy to set up and use: it took just a couple of minutes to get out this message. I like!

Daisy Chainable I2C Level Shifter

An improved I2C level shifter PCB compatible with the daisy chainable I2C splitter.


Lo Fi Blinky Card

Snow day project with 4 year old Rachel: a greetings card with flashing illuminated LEDs.


Daisy Chainable I2C Splitter PCB

One of a series of modular expansion boards for the I2C bus: a 1-3 splitter for branching I2C signals.


Valentine LED Chaser

The object of your desire will not be able to resist this heart shaped kitsch-o-tron, lovingly hand-crafted on perfboard with a CD4017B decade counter and 555 astable. But you probably can't go wrong with flowers and chocolates as well. Just to be on the safe side. Kits now available from Tindie!


$1 Lithium Coin Cell Charger

Got a buck? Make a charger for LiR2032 coin cells. It could hardly be cheaper or easier.