Adafruit Lost A Customer

Last week I placed a $200 order with Adafruit. Today, after finding out that the order had not been processed in any way, I asked Adafruit when it would ship. The customer support representative could not say. Then, without any prompting from me, she cancelled my order and told me to find a new supplier. Apparently, my query was so unwelcome that Adafruit doesn't want my money, or indeed any future orders. :/

Update, June 11th. The Adafruit website now states that "Non-urgent orders are shipping within 7-10 business days, sometimes sooner." Why couldn't Kelly have told me that when I asked? In addition to cancelling my order, I now find out that Adafruit has also placed my shipping address on a blacklist to prevent future orders. If you are reading this, Limor Fried — thanks for nothing.


Pi Zero Print Server

I can't believe it! I actually finished a project the same day that I started it. A while back I won a Raspberry Pi Zero W in a promotional competition for Zipcar, and today I set it up as a wireless print server.


Valentine's Day Wearable

Recommended attire for Valentine's Day. Please note the electronic accessory, held in place with a barrette ;)


Magic Mote MSP430G2553 Wireless Sensor Node With NRF24L01+ Module


Proto Cape For BeagleBone

This add-on board for the BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black allows easy prototyping using through-hole components. More than 300 sold on Tindie!


Hacked Wall Clock (after Lord Vetinari)

This clock ticks erratically but still keeps accurate time. Its mechanism has been replaced by a programmable chip that emits 64 randomly spaced ticks every 64 seconds.


February Swag Bag: Noritake VFD

Noritake recently offered samples of these impressively bright 16 x 122 pixel graphical vacuum fluorescent displays. Their GU7000 Arduino library is easy to set up and use: it took just a couple of minutes to get out this message. I like!