Bike Rack From Scrap Fence

Something had to be done with the heap of bikes in the garage. Fence panels welded along the edges made for a quick and cheap solution.

These rusty fence panels had been the subject of attempted fixes, first with epoxy and then with metal elbows, before being thrown out by a neighbour. They were just what I needed.

The fence was so broken, it took only a couple of minutes to unscrew the posts and separate the panels.

Farmer rod for a farmer job: 1/8" E6013 stick electrodes.

Tack welded along the top edge. Think I'm showing you close ups? Think again!

I welded beads the length of the edges with scant regard for the mounds of porosity, burning paint, and blown holes. At the end of the day it's a load of rusty junk. A quick blast of no-primer spray paint and done. 

Now I can secure bikes in the garage. In fact, I can even walk into the garage without tripping over bikes. There's even space for a few spare wheels.

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